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English, Images, Status, Wishes

Happy Onam Images

    Onam is an annual Indian harvest festival celebrated primarily by the people of Kerala. A major annual event for all Keralites, it serves as the official celebration of their state and offers various cultural events throughout its course....

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World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated annually on June 5th to raise awareness and promote actions to protect and preserve our environment. Organized by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), this global initiative provides a platform to engage individuals, communities, and governments worldwide on environmental issues. World...

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Attitude Shayari in Hindi for Boy

अपने आप के लिए मैं एक आशावादी हूं, इसके अलावा कुछ और ना खास मायने नहीं रखता.! मैं अपनी ही दुनिया का राजा हूं… सुधरी हे तो बस मेरी...

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Funny Shayari for Anchoring in Hindi

“बिंदास मुस्कुराओ क्या गम है, ज़िन्दगी में टेंशन किसको कम है, याद करने वाले तो बहुत है आपको, दिल से तंग करने वाले तो सिर्फ हम है!”...

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Funny Shayari on Teachers in Hindi

शिक्षक ने पूछा – घर पर क्या बताओगे बेटा, मैंने तो तुम्हारे लंच बॉक्स का खाना खा लिया, छात्र ने बड़े मासूमियत सी बोला गुरूजी घर पर बोल...

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Happy Fathers Day Images

Happy fathers Day Images: Happy fathers Day images іѕ good wау tо wіѕh happy fathers Day. Yоu саn аlѕо uѕе fathers day images wіth quotes аnd images fоr fathers day quote tо show аnd wіѕh fathers day. Fathers day quotes images аrе bеѕt tо show аrе love emotionally оn thіѕ Father’s day. Sо hеrе wе...

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Raksha Bandhan Images

Raksha Bandhan is a festival wherein a sister ties a Rakhi on his brother’s waist and the brother gives a return gift to her sister. This pageant is located by many Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs and is observed in India, Mauritius, and Nepal. these days we are going to percentage exceptional HD Raksha Bandhan photographs …...

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World No Tobacco Day Quotes

“Every time you try to quit smoking you are actually getting closer to staying smoke-free.” – Henry Ford “I’ll tell you what’s wrong!” he roared, “I’m trying to quit smoking!” Then he strode angrily to the truck, leaving her standing there. She blinked her eyes, and slowly a smile...

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World No Tobacco Day Images

World No Tobacco Day, established in 1987 by the World Health Organization, serves to raise awareness about the risks associated with tobacco use and support its control worldwide. Observed annually on May 31st, it raises awareness about tobacco’s effects on public health by calling attention to its widespread prevalence and its...

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